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Customer Support: Curators of Candle Stories

We stand ready to weave the threads of assistance and ensure that your Embers & Oak experience is nothing short of enchanting. Whether you have queries about our fragrances, need advice on the perfect candle for a special occasion, or wish to share the joyous moments our candles have kindled, we are here for you!


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We have made reaching us incredibly simple (do feel free to send us a carrier pigeon though). Choose your preferred mode of communication:

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  • Telephone: dial our candle concierge at +31 (0) 6 1957 6028
  • Snail Mail: send your handwritten tales to Embers & Oak, Cronjéstraat 6A, 4818 BK Breda, The Netherlands.


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If you wish to explore more about our candles, discover the latest fragrances, or simply immerse yourself in the ambiance of Embers & Oak, our digital abode awaits your presence. Visit our website and let the journey begin.


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